Are angel numbers from God? This is an ongoing debate of good versus evil. There are some that believe that angel numbers are part of the occult. Then there are others that lean towards the belief that they originate from the Divine.  So which is the truth? Are the angel numbers from God or not? Keep reading as we examine this subject matter in greater detail.

It has been suggested that angel numbers come from the devil. Let’s examine what this evil character actually represents. The Devil or Lucifer is a negative entity that despises humanity. This devil’s main dark force is to cause pain, suffering, and demise to mankind.

So if angel numbers are good, why do they get a bad rap indicating that they are ungodly? In a broader spectrum, it is because they are associated with numerology, and this has a connotation with the occult. It is believed that Satan was a fallen angel of God. Sort of like a rogue angel who went against the good of the Divine. This is the spiritual symbolism of the law of polarity. Good versus evil, light versus darkness, and so on.  

Are angel numbers from God? How about we ask another question. Are angels from God? The answer is yes. Angels are light beings that are the Almighty’s aides in helping humans. They were created to comfort, guide, protect and give guidance to us. The feeling of good expands us with strength and love. The feeling of bad restricts us with weakness and fear. Once again, the law of polarity is at play. 

Are Angel Numbers from God? | Are Angel Numbers Biblical? | Are Angel Numbers Christian?
Are Angel Numbers from God?

The main purpose of the angel numbers is to communicate with us what we need for our greater good. Since the Divine created the angels, then the angel numbers are a language of love. It is the God language. The reality of the question ‘Are angel numbers from God?’ would be YES. 

The Almighty Source God is one of divine unconditional love. It is not a restrictive force, it is the opposite. To say that angel numbers are evil would be like saying mathematics is evil. Math has its own language and it benefits us. The angel numbers are also their own distinctive lingo. The dialect of the heavens was designed to benefit our well-being.  

At some point in time, we will need divine intervention from God in our lives. The angel numbers are a tool from God to show us the way. It can be regarded as a pearl of mystical wisdom that was designed specifically for us. 

The next time that you encounter a pattern of numbers that you believe is a message meant for you, smile. Be grateful and thankful for the communication. 

You do not have to question yourself by asking are angel numbers from God. We already know the answer is everything in existence is from God. The Almighty is the creator of heaven and earth. So have faith in the Divine Creator and be grateful for everything in life.