Learning about angel numbers is as interesting as discovering our true nature and the path that leads to our true destination in the universe. While we are clueless about what our future holds, the curiosity to learn about ourselves always makes us expect things. From a very young age, we start building expectations and become ambitious about our future. It is our human nature to be curious about things. From how each component of a car engine functions independently to how time is relative, the more we learn about things, the better understanding we develop about our surroundings. When it comes to an understanding of our own selves and the universe, we tend to ignore a lot of things even though they make sense. Since the human brain’s logic cannot define these supernatural experiences, we tend to ignore them to settle for our normal lives. But what if these metaphysical activities keep happening around us constantly? Do we fear that what we experience can just be a state of mind and will wear off with time? Or are we too asleep to let these things pass as coincidences?

On finding the true meaning of Angel Numbers and its types, we learn about our goals in life and how we can achieve them. Angel numbers are the signs of the universe that can lead us on our path to success and our true purpose. These numbers can answer our questions about our destiny as well as help us fulfill our wishes. As exciting as these things sound, learning to interpret these signs from the universe can become complex really quickly. While it is easy to spot angel numbers around us, we need the right numerology knowledge to understand what these signs mean. We also need a spiritual connection with our soul to realize whether our interpretation is correct or not. If we become uncertain about things, it is only going to make decisions difficult for us.

Have you ever paid attention to a number that has been repeating itself in different places time after time around you? You may see a single-digit number or a sequence of numbers around you. You can spot it on a billboard, in the newspaper, under a traffic light, on a bill, on a digital clock, etc. When it keeps on happening, it is time to drop your ignorance about it being a coincidence and do some research to find out what the number means.

What will you learn in this Angel Number Guide?

When you start addressing the events of occurrence of these numbers, you will develop an understanding of how these numbers are the communication signs from the metaphysical world. When you spot a number, again and again, it is because of your higher spirits, whom we commonly call angels, try to connect with us. They want to show us ways that give us opportunities and solutions to our problems. In a moment of distress, when we feel the dilemma of making a decision, these numbers can appear in different ways around us to give us some sort of indication. We need to make sure that we understand what the angels are truly trying to communicate with us, and that is why we should learn more about numerology.

What is Numerology?

When we start seeing the same numbers around us, it is a sign that we have developed a connection with our angels. This is where numerology comes in and deciphers the codes of these numbers for us. In a much simpler term, numerology is the study of all numbers. It is the universal language of numbers that are being studied from ancient times and is still incomplete. But the numerologists have done a great job explaining the numbers that are commonly used by angels to communicate with us.

According to an interesting theory of numerology, the universe is a system that is broken down in the form of numbers. The numbers are the basic elements of the system that can comprehend based on our level of understanding. With the help of numerology, we can understand the universe as well as ourselves.

How does Numerology work?

Understanding numerology is quite complex and needs an expert numerologist to make accurate readings of the numbers that appear in a certain situation. While many people like to pick their lucky numbers on their own, there is a lot more understanding required to find your true numbers that are based on your personality, expression, connection with the universe, and your angels. With the right numerologist, you can calculate and find the true meaning of the numbers you see around you constantly.

The numerologists believe that there are no coincidences in the universe, and everything can have an explanation when given enough time. From the time of your birth, your entire journey is affected by the moment you were born. Numerology and astrology are often studied together as the positions of the stars and planets are somehow related to the numbers of our birth.

If you have not figured out what your angel numbers are, here are four ways to identify the numbers that have the possibility of being your angel number.

Life Path Number

The most important number of learning about numerology is our life path number. This number can be the direction of our life will be headed and reflect our true nature. We see our number throughout our life, but it only takes a minute of awakening to realize its existence. Until then, it is just one number among the infinity. Every life path number has its own meaning. The life path number of a person is calculated by adding all the numbers in your birth date. You need to keep adding the numbers until they become a single-digit number. We have compiled the guides for every life path number that you can refer to once you have figured out your number.

Expression Number

Your expression number is also called your destiny number as it can help you control the actions that will create the path to your desired goals. The expression number also tells about your personality and how you will usually react to certain situations. You can calculate your expression number by adding the digits of the place value of the letters in your name. The total sum of the number is added again and again until you receive a single digit. The expression number does not work solo and rely on the life path number to work with your personality.

Soul Urge Number

Also known as the Heart’s Desire number, this number plays an important role in controlling and accepting your emotions. It will help you be aware of your negative emotions, such as anger and sadness, so you do not have to worry later. Once you develop an idea of what makes your heart healthy, you will be able to discover your true strength and build confidence to achieve your goals. You can calculate your soul urge number similar to calculating the expression number. Only in this case, you add the vowels in your name instead of all letters in your name. Discovering your soul urge number can be an enlightening experience as this is the number that you will see the most around you. It will help you feel valued around others, provide you fulfillment in what you expect, and also give you the attention that you may desire.

Personality Number

The personality number can self explain itself and is your side of nature that people get to see. It portrays how others see you and also the persona that you are creating among people based on the actions you take. The personality number is closely related to your anxiety. When you feel anxious about how you are going to perform in a crowd, your personality number can appear in one way or the other to give you a piece of information about what should be done next. The numerologists explain that personality number is also very volatile in nature and can often leave a person in a limbo of decision making. You can calculate your personality number by adding the constants in your full name and bringing it down to a single number. Check out our numerology guide to learn more about your personality number.

Now that we have developed an understanding of what we are looking for, we must also know that all the numbers need not be broken down into single digits. The combination of numbers can have its own meanings that are meant to be explored by us. Once we start to understand every aspect of how the numbers play their roles in our lives, we will develop strong communication with our angels or the universe itself.

Types of Angel Numbers

While the single-digit angel numbers are the most studied numbers in numerology, it is the double-digit, triple-digit, and quadruple-digit numbers that appear more often around us. We do not have to break down these multiple digits into a single number as they can carry their own significance. We can find these signs by angels in different values. Here we will learn about what the double, triple, and quadruple-digit angel numbers mean.

Double Digit Angel Numbers

The double digit angel numbers signify high-intensity messages that the angels want to communicate with us. These numbers usually occur in front of us only when their occurrence can highly affect the decisions we are about to make. We cannot expect our double digit numbers to solve small problems for us. They are meant for the big decisions in our lives, which makes them hard to spot.

Double-digit angel numbers combine the powers of two numbers. For example, number 21 combination of number 2 and number 1. While number 2 signifies our mission in life, number 1 signified new beginnings. Together, these numbers alert us that we need to make changes in our life right away to get ourselves back on our track.

The double digit angel numbers can also appear in repeating digits, 77 for an example. This is just an urgency that the angels indicate the message that number 7 carries with it. While number 7 is a symbol of fortune, it also tells us to lead to spirituality. Once we start developing our connection with angels, we also discover more about number 7 and the ways it can occur. Check out our detailed guide on angel numbers to learn the true meaning of the numbers you see around.

Numbers 11, 22, and 33 in numerology are called the master double digit numbers. They are the most potent numbers and hold high importance for our angels. These three double digit numbers appear around us when we truly need a big transformation in our lives.

Triple Digit Angel Numbers

The triple digit angel numbers have their own significance in our lives. They hold the vibrational frequencies that connect us directly to our cosmos. Triple digit angel numbers are also the easiest to spot and can be really powerful when the messages are channeled properly. Another reason for a triple digit angel number to be special is because it amplifies the energy of single digit numbers. Since the angels are able to put more energy through these numbers, they are easier to spot and appear more often around us.

The triple-digit angel numbers consist of three single-digit numbers that combine their frequencies together to give us their meaning. For example, number 777 is a triple-digit combination of number 7 where the energy of number 7 is amplified thrice. 777 Angel Number manifests spirituality, rebirth, and high achievements. Once we start acknowledging the importance of these numbers, we can get a better direction for ourselves.

Another type of triple-digit angel number is the repeating digit numbers like 111, 222, 333, and so on. Learn about these repeating digit angel numbers in our detailed guide. When you start experiencing these repeated patterns of three-digit angel numbers, it is time to pay attention to what the universe is planning for you. Triple-digit angel numbers can carry the powerful message for you that can assist you in finding your true nature and collaborate it with the divine agents to unlock the presents of the universe for yourself.

Quadruple Digit Angel Numbers

Did you ever wonder why every time you check out the time, the time reads 11:11, 12:34, or anything that keeps on repeating itself in a pattern? Spotting quadruple digits is easy. Since these numbers are longer, we can find several more patterns and combinations here than triple-digit or double-digit numbers.

Quadruple digit angel numbers can be your divine message front he angels. Not everyone gets to receive quadruple numbers from the angels. They are special because they can combine two double digits together to provide double the energy for your adventures. With the right opportunities around you, it will be easier for you to pick the right ones that will make you happy. When you start seeing these signs more clearly, you can have a life-changing moment in your life waiting for you just outside the door.

1234 angle number is an ascending pattern that indicates the step by step process towards your goals. On the other hand, 4321 angel numbers can help you sort out the small things in your life before you are prepared to make more important decisions. With the help of the right numerology, you can have a better lifestyle and a free spirit that is connected to the universe.

If you like reading about angel numbers, we have compiled a detailed guide on how your angel number can help and guide you through your life problems. Learn how to establish communication with your angels and start a new lifestyle. Once you start taking these experiences, not as coincidences, you will get one step closer to the truth about life and the universe itself.