Why do Angels communicate with us?

When we start to ponder upon this question, there are several ways of explaining why the angels are trying to communicate and what they really are. For instance, people living is a tribal community in the rainforests of Amazon may know these powerful energies with a different name and may not have heard about angels at all. So what are these energies around us, and what can they possibly have to do with us? 

One interesting explanation was made by a businessman who spent his youth guided by numbers to become the owner of a nation-wide franchise. He says that this special connection with something that we cannot see is only about realization. There is significant proof available around us that these spiritual beings give us the signs, but due to our busy lives, we have stopped paying much attention to it. When we go on a journey back to ancient civilizations, we find that these beings were much more valued in society. People gathered together to connect with these spirits to call upon rain for crops without the use of technology. More psychics in society had a strong connection with these spirits. They learned the art of communicating with higher beings from their elder. The art of it has depleted over time due to the rise of industrialization and politics. 

Today, there might not be many psychics present. The angels have never left us. They are still here to protect and guide their most loved beings. We need to keep our senses open for them to stay connected to them when we need the right guidance. 

The Stages of Evolution 

We tried to cover all the superficial myths around our diverse world to understand this phenomenon of the universe of connecting its energy to the energies of our bodies. Almost as if our spirits are connected to these higher beings with energy strings. It is a natural aura that is present around us from the moment we are born. The evidence can be seen in the Mesopotamian civilization for the remains found in the Babylon region, plenty in the Egyptian civilization, and also talked about in the ancient Hindu scriptures. But, somewhere growing up and through the centuries, we have forgotten to stay in touch with them. We took over the entire control from them, and since they love us, they do not want to force us into anything that we do not want to do. 

Due to the influence of media and politics, we slowly forget to listen to ourselves and believe anything that is broadcasted to us. Our understanding of right and wrong today is totally dependent on what is most trending on the internet and media. It is slowly pulling us away from the path of our purpose and is supporting the agenda of the purpose of humans that are controlling the media. While the problem may not be that serious as you might imagine right now, it is evident that you are capable of making better decisions for yourself. If you allow your spirits to guide you, you will be open to new opportunities for yourself on your own. 

The newborns are believed to be able to feel these spirits and experience their energy in the best possible way. Also, the animals are believed to see these spirits around us that can start a bond between us and our pets. As we grow up, we become more content of the materialistic life and start taking the space of our spirits for unnecessary stress and emotions about our future.  Instead, we should keep content and connected to us and give attention when these spirits or angels are trying to communicate with us.

Purpose of Communicating 

Our angels or spirits are our only connection to the universe, which helps us to create a connection with our higher selves. When we experience a chain of events where the same numbers keep appearing around us, we should not overlook these signs anymore and start learning their meaning. Once we start learning about how angel numbers show us the path, a lot of things will automatically start changing for us from our habits to our personality, friend circle, love and relationship, and our career. We have explored a lot about how angel numbers affect our love life and career in several of our well-documented articles. When you start seeing your angel numbers around you, you can refer to these online documents to learn what you can do when you see your angel number.

The true purpose of why our angels want to communicate with us is to keep us directed and focused on our life goals. There are plenty of distractions present around us that makes us forget about what we want to do in our lives. We give up on our hopes way too early in our lives when we see others getting success. One must understand that everything happens at its own pace, irrespective of the human time construct. If your friends are earning more money in their career path, today does not mean they are more successful than you. They are a part of your journey but only an intersection. Angels are the only universal beings that will always be by your side, supporting you to pursue your goals. 

More About Communication Signs by Angels

Now that we have established the basic meaning of angel numbers and how it helps us in making decisions at work, love life, goals, and small things such as picking the right furniture for the home or buying a new car. Your angels may try to get you the right things for your home, which will improve the positive energy of your home. For example, if you are planning to get a new couch for your living room, you can get signs from your angels to pick the color grey over matt black as the color grey might be a heating element for you. But most importantly, the communication signs from angels will mostly occur in a state of feeling stuck in a situation. When you feel down or lonely and have no one around to motivate you, it is the right time for angels to show you the brighter side of the world from communication signs, which can be as simple as a flash of light on your face. 

When we get too busy in our daily lives, it becomes almost impossible to notice these communication signs from our angels. It does not mean that the angels are not around us. Angels are always watching and guarding us. It is similar to not able to hear a whisper when loud music is playing around. All we have to do to listen to your angels is to lower that volume that is interrupting the conversation between you and your angel. Always remember that your angels will never give up on you once they connect with you. In only a fraction of time until you put your voice in the universe, and your guiding spirits will arrive to help you out. 

Such a phenomenon of angels communicating to you usually takes place when you are going through an unexplainable situation with no way out. During your darkest of days, the angels will become the guiding light that has been written over and over again in all religious scriptures. If you become aware of these mild yet significant signs from energies around you, here is how you will notice them. 

A Kiss on your Forehead 

Have you ever noticed a sudden thought rush into your brain, and soon you wonder where you got that idea from? Your angels are aware of what you need at what moment. When the time is right, they will come close to you and kiss your forehead. It will not be a physical connection, so do not expect any literal kiss on your forehead. Instead, you will feel radiant energy just entered your forehead, lighting up everything slowly starting first from your head and quickly spreading to your entire body. For a second, you may feel illuminated like a firefly, coming back to reality and releasing all the negativity from your body. 


The best way for angels to deliver maximum information to you is to come in your dreams and show you things. Everyone has experienced good dreams and nightmares at some point in their lives. But most of the dreams are forgotten in the first 5 minutes of waking up. The astrologists believe that when our physical body is asleep, your spiritual self elevates from the body to seek guidance from the spirits of the universe. 

If you have made a connection with your angels in your sleep, you will wake up more positive and energized as your angels will not send you back without healing your body. The reason why night time is crucial for us is that during the day, we are always busy at work or some other thing that keeps our mind engaged. During the night, when we find time to rest and isolate ourselves, we make ourselves more open to connecting with the universe. There are no distractions around us to divert us from the part that reaches out to our spiritual family. 


We all have a spirit animal that guides us to our purpose in life. It is a sign from the angels that is present in our dimension and can communicate to us by moving and making noises. While the people who have dogs and cats as their spirit animals have the ease in finding their paths because these animals are present all around us, the people with wild animals as spirit animals face difficulty in seeking guidance from them. 

The human construct has disturbed the balance of the spiritual tribes who has their own spirit animals to protect them and stay with them. Today we live in a world where the tribes that lived with more fierce animals have prevailed, leaving us with only a few animals such as dogs, cats, horses, elephants, cows, and other cattle and birds. It might be difficult for you to find your spirit animal in the urban areas, but it also does not mean that you will not be able to see them. You will come across them at some point in your lives, whether you go for a wild hike or see them in the safari. The minute you see your spirit animal, you will feel a positive rush in your body, which will remind you of your spiritual origins. 


White feathers are an easy way for the angels to communicate with you. You can find feathers in the most uncertain situations. Sometimes they may not even there to indicate anything. The angels can drop them unintentionally as they are always around you. The main reason why angels use feathers is to tickle you with them just to have fun. If you have observed when you are very busy at something, you can get a sudden tickle or an itch that you cannot explain. These tickles mean that the angels are entertaining themselves by tickling you and disturbing you from focusing on work. If you find this sensation too much, you can just think about your angels and tell them telepathically to stop doing it. They will listen to you, and the itching and tickling feeling will wear off. 

Colors and Light 

The angels may use a flashlight towards you if you get too lost in your thoughts, and your vision becomes blurry. They use orbs, colors, and even rainbows to indicate a direction for your thoughts. You can see a light flash from a direction, and the object in the place of the flash can suddenly strike an idea in your head. In older times, the angels would flash a light in the photographs to let people know that they are around them. Now that we are living in a digitalized world, it is hard to identify the flash of light as the sign from angels. But, you can still expect to see these lights at places where you least expect it.  

Through other People 

This may sound strange, but you can get messages from angels in distributed voices among people around you. They also encourage the people who care about you by signaling them that you might be stressed. When you are feeling lonely, you might hear from your long time friend will just text you to communicate with you. They might even have plans that can change your lives, be it a business idea or a deal that you have been waiting for. Never say no to the warm hugs offered by someone as they are a way of angels telling you that you are safe. You will also experience new networks building up on their own. You will make new connections and take a step towards success. Do not flood yourself with negative thoughts at times like this and motivate yourself to release more positivity around these new connections to let them know you are open for opportunities.


Do not settle for the thought that everything that you see on the idiot box of yours is pointless. Whether you are using a smartphone or your laptop to check out social media or other news, the angels can change the course of your search and lead you to the information that you need to learn. Angels use media as a tool to mix and deliver their messages with the right timing. You may hear the first part of the message in one channel and the next part as you switch the channel. 

You can also get delusional in interpreting everything as a message. Remember that the angels only contact you when you are in a state of mind where your brain will take in information. If you start searching for meanings in everything, your brain can create its own meaning. Let the process of communication flow naturally and simply observe your understanding grow as you move on. 

These are some of the many other communication methods that angels use to communicate with us. There are no limits for them to use their powers to help us out. The angels, or higher spirits, have a better ability to make rational decisions. They will never attempt to do anything that can scare you or make you delusional. They only intend to give you a better perspective in life and lead you to the right opportunities that will help you in your eternal purpose before you become one with the universe.