We’ve all seen the messages of numbers left by the angels. We may have also deciphered their meanings. However, many ask, where exactly do these angel numbers originate from? In this article, we will dive deeper to understand where do angel numbers come from. 

It is as if the wisdom of the digits were thought out carefully for the full meaning of the angel numerical code. It is where the world of science and the New Age meet to create an omnipresent language

Who invented angel numbers? Are angel numbers from god? Where did angel numbers come from? Before we delve into this topic deeper, ask yourself one key question. Who created the angels, the universe, humans, and everything else in your physical reality? 

It probably didn’t take much thought to answer that question. The Divine Father is the creator of all, including the celestial messengers who work in the angelic realm. Indirectly the originator of the angel numbers was the Almighty. In order to convey the full meaning of the digits, the Divine has His angelic helpers. 

Where do Angel Numbers come from? | Where did Angel Numbers come from?
Where Do Angel Numbers Come From?

The long asked question of where do angel numbers come from or sometimes asked as who invented angel numbers has been answered. Of course, God is the inventor of this celestial philosophical language.  

The language of angels is a tool brought forth by the Creator to help humanity. It is a well-thought communication code for us to understand the messages being conveyed to better one’s life

If this answer of where do angel numbers come from still doesn’t satisfy, take a moment and ponder this idea. There are many languages in the world. Greek, French, Italian, and so forth. It could be that man had invented the language with different sounds. This in turn created distinctive sounds into words creating languages that could be spoken by many. The inventor of the language was a human, but who created the human? So if God has created us, God has also indirectly invented all of the languages that we speak. 

When the cosmos was in its infantry stages the Divine Creator wanted to have all of the human inhabitants thrive. We are all born with the potential to live in harmony and abundance. However, there are stages in life when we forget this gift that is our birthright. 

So in the Creator’s plan, angels are the guardians of humans. Their main purpose is to guide and protect. As we cannot see them, they will still make us aware of their presence by the angel numbers. God uses this language to communicate messages through the angels that we need to be made aware of. These are the universe’s way of giving us heavenly knowledge and guidance. 

Where do the angel numbers come from? They come from heaven with the purpose that it needs to be sent to us here on earth. Think of it as a language of divinity. It is a language like no other. The angel number communication code is based on a mystical awareness. When someone poses the question of where did angel numbers come from, look outside, look at yourself. It will become clear that the origin is from the Divine Creator of all.