If you have come this far in search of angel number, you must already have some idea about what angel numbers mean and why do you keep seeing angel numbers around you. If you do not know it already, this detailed guide will lead you through all aspects of angel numbers and its benefits. 

Have you encountered a number, again and again, thinking maybe it was a coincidence? Have you been seeing number 7 around you lately and do not know what to make of it? Maybe you have seen numbers around you that always add up to make a pattern of some kind. If you think all of this is a coincidence, you are giving up on this mystery too early. There are many proofs of numbers, symbols, and voices around you, giving you some kind of message. At first, you may find it difficult to know what these numbers mean to you, but as you keep learning about them and recognize the patterns, you will discover new meanings and messages.  

Seeing numbers and patterns around you is often denoted as angel numbers, and these repeating numbers are said to have messages hidden in them. Angel numbers can create a process that will guide you on your journey of accomplishing your dreams. If you find it hard to believe here are some international celebrities who got interested in numerology after they experienced the same patterns and numbers day after day in their lives. 

Jim Carry became obsessed with numerology while working on one of his films. While following his dream, he discovered that few numbers have always been around him. One way that he felt connected to numbers was that he was born at 2.30 am. 23 is also the degree of tilt for Earth. Also, our body takes 23 seconds to complete one blood circulation. 

David Beckham was also interested in numbers from an early age. When Beckham moved from Manchester United to Real Madrid, surprisingly he changed his shirt number from 7 to 23. It is another example of how numerology has been an area of interest for successful people. 

Michael Jordan, who has been a legend in basketball and has his own international brand also wore the number 23 throughout his career. He has accomplished more than any other player in basketball, and somehow numbers seem to have played a great role in his life as well. 

“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.” – Nikolas Tesla. 

“Numbers are the highest degree of knowledge. It is knowledge itself.” – Plato. 

We cannot stop talking about how numerology has been what the greatest minds in the world have been trying to understand. Angel numbers are a wide spectrum of knowledge that can unlock the hidden messages from the universe that can guide you on your goals, dreams, and the ultimate life purpose. This angel number guide will explain the nature of angel numbers and numerology while also explaining why you see numbers around you and whether you are seeing angel numbers. 

What are Angels? 

Angels have been mentioned in many scriptures around the world as guiding spirits. They are known by different names, such as devtas, farishta, melek, anghel, etc. These spirits connect us to the universe and often try to communicate with us through different ways of nature. Angels appear in the form of numbers, symbols, animals around us to signify change. Angels communicate to us for only two simple reasons – it is either to signify a change that is on the horizon, or that you should bring the change yourself. It means that every time you see numbers around you, take time to observe the situation as this information could point to a real meaning or solution at that moment. If you have been struggling to reach out to your dreams, you may be overlooking these signs from the universe. 

When does the Universe Contact You?

Angels or spirits are the messengers of the universe. When you become conscious and fully self-aware, you get the power of attracting the universe towards you. Not everyone develops the understanding of manifesting their dreams into the universe. But when you finally start doing it, the cosmos (also known as energies or spirits) start guiding you on the path of your purpose in this universe until you become one with it.  

Sometimes the numbers you see on repeat are more than just a coincidence, and that is when you should trust your intuition to fulfill your desires. There are several reasons why the cosmos may try to contact you. These higher energies or spirits can provide helpful advice that can change your life dramatically. 

  • You may be going through a spiritual awakening or developing a deeper understanding of your true self as well as the universe. The awakening causes vibrations and frequencies to release through your body that attracts the angels that are present around the universe. 
  • Another reason to attract the angels can be your solitude. When you are lonely and isolated, you tend to think more about your life. It is the right time for your soul to connect with the universe. 
  • When you have a dream, and you work hard to pursue it, you force the universe to listen to you. The universe does not take time to acknowledge your requests, and it can even be your first innocent wish without any pressure on the universe. The moment you start dreaming about something, the universe starts working to create the same reality for you. The angel numbers then start guiding you in the right direction. 
  • When you feel vulnerable about your life and feel tensed about your decisions and future, the angel numbers can appear to calm you down and tell you that you are on the right path. The universe never fails to show its support whenever you truly wish for it. 
  • The universe also starts giving your signs through angel numbers when you have diverted way too away from your true purpose and are stuck in activities that are harmful to you. By saving you, the universe saves itself. 
  • When you hit the rock bottom of your life, you are ready to start your healing process. The trauma that you have been through prepares you to understand what the universe is preparing for you. 
  • Many times your energy is so vibrant and positive that the cosmos fall in love with you and help you connect with your own pure love for the universe. That is why the numerologists always try to show you your good side so you can improve yourself on it and make the universe hear your soul. 

Angel Numbers Explained 

The mechanics of angel numbers work the same way as to how we try to communicate messages to others. While our communication is rather easy to understand and is available in the form of spoken words and written texts, angelic guidance usually comes in encrypted forms which can be hard to decode in the beginning.  

In an interesting story, a good friend of mine was positive about seeing the same numbers and patterns around her. But she was not having any luck in her career as she felt stuck with no one to guide her. It was after she developed an understanding of what the numbers mean, she soon found a job where she was happy, and today she is making her dreams come true. It did not happen because the angels brought the job to her. She says, “the angels were trying to communicate to me through numbers, and I discovered that every time I saw number 111, I was around somebody or someplace that was related to my life and my dreams. “

Angel numbers are a common mode of communication for angels people mostly see around in triple-digit numbers, repeating numbers, or sequential numbers such as 1234 or 1010. Even single numbers also carry some meanings behind them, which can guide you towards abundance or tell the things you need to avoid. Angel numbers can guide you towards money if that is what you seek. So, learning about angel numbers makes you understand that you are not alone in this universe and have your angels protecting you in the only way they can, i.e. communicating through your angel numbers. With the right knowledge of numerology, you can be on the right path to accomplish your goals and fulfill your life purpose. 

How do I receive the Messages from Angels? 

If your angels try to connect with you, you will start experiencing many things around you that feel a lot different from before. You become aware of things around you and develop a higher consciousness compared to others. You may also feel that your friends and colleagues do not understand what you are talking about when you mention seeing signs. It is common for people who get contacted by their angels. 

Angels wait for the right moment to give you messages. Once you get communicated by your angels, you will start seeing patterns in the numbers. As this grows, you will end up seeing the same number again and again in a wide range of places. 

For example, you received a ticket for your movie, and you see number 1111 written in bold on it. You may also feel like you have never paid more attention to the number before, even when you have been coming for the movies. Earlier the importance of this number was only to find your seat, but this time your inner self feels attached to this number, and you do not know why. Most people skip over this feeling and think that they are overthinking. But that feeling will stick with you from that point onwards because your angels have contacted you. You will start seeing the number 1111 everywhere around you, from your clock, parcels, signboards, classroom, license plate, etc. You may even catch the habit of checking your watch or phone automatically exactly at 11:11 without any reason. 

Many people also report seeing numbers in their dreams and find the numbers revolving in their heads throughout the day while daydreaming or procrastinating. If you try to understand what these angelic numbers are trying to tell you and start treating them more than just coincidences, you can turn your life around towards success. At this point, you will feel easy to decrypt the angel numbers, and with practice, your decisions will become faster and effective. You will need a deeper knowledge of numerology when you keep seeing angel numbers around you. 

Why do I keep Seeing Angel Numbers? 

We often hear from our elders that the universe has plans for us, but as we grow up, we find ourselves lost without a clue what the plan actually is. The first time we have a self-actualization experience, we start expecting answers from the universe without realizing that they have been around us all the time. Our angels or spirits of the universe are always around us to guide us through right or wrong. When people suffer from problems in their lives, it is because they have missed the signs that were warnings from the angels. 

There can be many reasons why angels want to communicate with you. If you truly believe in accomplishing a goal or having something in your life, your angels will listen to your wishes and then guide you on the path to achieving it. Whether it is your love life, your passion, your business, or your questions regarding the purpose of life, angels can answer you through numbers and signs. In simple words, when you start seeing angel numbers is when your angels are the closest to you and have more opportunities than ever for you. 

Benefits of Angel Numbers

When you start seeing angel numbers, you will start experiencing your life from a different perspective. The numbers will start following you around in synchronicity throughout your life. Numerology is under research for a long time, and even the likes of Plato have often mentioned the importance of numbers in our life. The numbers never fail to surprise people. It has helped genius minds to unravel the mysteries of the universe and use it to make a fortune for themselves. There is more you can do with your life when you have the angel numbers supporting you throughout. The one number you can start with is the addition of your date of birth. 

For example, if your date of birth is 27-03-1997, then 2+7+3+1+9+9+7= 38, 3+8=11, 1+1=2. If you start seeing 2,22,222,2222 around you, know that the angels have started communicating with you. However, it is not the only way to find out your angel number. Many numerologists believed that 2017 was a universal year as the sum of 2+0+7+1=1. 

While different angel numbers have different meanings and ways of guiding you, there are some common benefits of these numbers. 

  • Angel numbers can inform you about the new beginning. It can be a sign that you can launch a new idea or switch to your passion. It will give you the courage to do things that you feel are not possible. If you plan on approaching your love for marriage, numbers can tell you the right time. 
  • Angel numbers will help you manifest your dreams for the coming years. You will see your angel numbers in your dreams that will assure you that you are on the right path. 
  • Angel numbers can develop a personality by guiding you with your decisions. Any change in your life will become more positive for you as the angel numbers can assure you that what you decide for yourself will help you. You should have the right understanding of numerology to understand how to decrypt the meanings of angel numbers. 
  • Angel numbers will help you socialize around people and making connections. It will give you the vibrations of the universe to spend time with friends and hang out in social places more often. You will feel more confident in approaching someone you like. 
  • Angel numbers will also give you the right advice on your finances. You will be able to make better decisions for your business and become a better leader. It will also make better connections for you in any industry you pursue. You will find like-minded people who share the same goals as you and crave success just like you. 
  • Angel numbers not only guide you to the future but also helps in contemplating your past. You get insight into your actions in the past and how it turned out for you. It will give you an idea of your accomplishments and the parts where you lack so you can turn your weaknesses into your strengths. 
  • The most important of all, angel numbers make you realize the purpose of your life and direct you towards it. With so many opportunities available in front of you, you can have a hard time choosing your true purpose. Angel numbers will help you understand what you are meant to do in the myriad of opportunities. 

The History of Angel Numbers

The information about angel numbers is present in many epics and scriptures. However, the history of angel numbers goes way beyond the books we have today. A deep study of angel numbers has shown that the symbols and numbers were used from the beginning of modern civilization. There are many accounts of ancient scriptures that show that symbols and numbers were always an important way of communicating messages. 

Even the Egyptian civilization that made the great pyramids have thousands of examples of how numbers and symbols were being used to address the higher beings. It was the only form of communication to tell the world that there are higher powers that are watching us and try to communicate to use time to time. Other scriptures and religions also have similar examples in to form of paintings, sculptures, and written texts that tell us that the spirits from the universe have always been around us leading the entire humanity towards progress. 

Angel Numbers – Symbolism and Meaning 

Angel numbers is a study of creating connections with the higher spiritual energies. The most common groups of where angel number is studies include tarot, magic, witchcraft, psychics, and religions. Angels numbers also have a separate section of study in science, called numerology. 

Although numerology is often identified as a practice for spiritual people, many scientists in history were always curious to learn the true meaning behind numbers. According to numerologists, everything that takes place around the world is dependent upon the mystical properties of numbers. The numbers generate around our lives through vibrations. Most numerologists credit Pythagoras for discovering many important answers to numerology. 

Pythagoras was a philosopher who discovered one of the most important theorems of our three-dimensional world – the Pythagoras theorem. Since only a fragment of his work has been passed down to people, we still have many questions unanswered. Pythagoras studied mathematics, music, and philosophy, which are the three main components that we need to unlock the mysteries of the universe. All his life discoveries him to the conclusion that “All is number.” The numerologists confirm that what he meant by his quote is that everything that surrounds us can be reduced down to a numeric value. 

Angel numbers can symbolize different things including good and evil, light and darkness, square and oblong, straight and crooked, rest and motion, masculine and feminine, one and many, limited and unlimited, and right and left.  

The numerologists study the angel numbers to find out the true meaning behind those numbers and what they mean. Every number has a different meaning, and based on when and where you see them, you can make good decisions. It is based on only nice numbers (from 1 to 9) and every number has its own concepts and ideas. 

Hidden meaning behind Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are coded messages that are sent to us from the universe. They are meant to help us make better decisions in our life. One mysterious thing about angel numbers is that they only start appearing when we are at the rock bottom of our lives. Numerologists say that our senses do not collect the information from angel numbers when we do not have anything to worry about. Sometimes we become so full of ourselves and do not need any guidance from anyone. 

It makes sense when we are on our path of spiritual awakening and slowly start understanding that the angel numbers have always been around us. Seeing angel numbers and making decisions based on them are two completely different things. The hardest part is what is it that the angel meaning to tell us through the numbers. It can be a lead to an opportunity or a precaution from a trap. It is only when we go through the process of spiritual awakening we truly understand the good and bad signs hidden in angel numbers.  

Angel numbers can appear in our dreams, on our electronic devices, or on the billboards on the side of our roads. They can be a message for encouragement, a warning, or even a promise. It is up to us to decide what the message means at the given time and place. 

What to do when I see an Angel Number? 

When you know your angel number and how often you see it around, you should not overthink these situations and try to relax your mind. Sometimes the angel numbers are around you just for the fact that friendly spirits or angels are protecting you. Sometimes, you will also have to let go of an angel number sighting as a mere coincidence. However, there are a few things you can exercise when your angel number suddenly catches your eye. 

The first thing you need to do when you see your angel number takes a moment to observe the situation. Observe the reality as it and make sure that you are not dreaming or are in an illusion. 

Rethink your actions the moment you see your angel number. Sometimes it is okay to have second thoughts about your actions as the angel number might appear to tell you that you are making a mistake. 

Dust of any negative energies from your body. Sometimes angel numbers can simply appear in the times when you are lost in negative thoughts. Angel number will give you instant encouragement and positivity to get back to what you are passionate about. Feel good when you see your angel number around you. 

If you come across your angel number when you are about to make an important decision of your life, it can either mean that you should do it or you should. The easiest way to understand the right meaning behind angel number is to realize how you are feeling about the situation. If at this point, you feel unsure or get bad vibes from the situation, the angel number is telling you to avoid the situation. On the other hand, if you are feeling good in the situation and your body is filled with positivity, it is time for you to take your decision forward. 

The Connection Between Angel Numbers and Numerology 

Numerology is a vast field of study of numbers where angel numbers are only a segment. Numerology also includes other special numbers such as expression number, soul urge number, personality number, and birthday number. Somewhere down the line of studying numerology, you will discover that angel numbers are not much different in their definition. 

Numerology is the study of the occurrence of numbers in your life. With the knowledge of numbers, you can unravel several hidden meanings of the world and the universe that we are in. It can help you in calculating every decision of your life always to make safe and beneficial decisions. In simple words, numerology is the universal language of numbers. 

Numerology is also a well-established subject is astrology. However, the techniques and study of the numbers are majorly influenced by astrology in this case. Similarly, the angel numbers also work around numerology, but it provides a deeper understanding of the mystical meanings behind numbers and patterns. 

Understanding numerology will give us the methods of breaking down the code of the universe to learn its basic elements, which are numbers. Learning about numbers will give us an understanding of the world as well as ourselves as individuals. 

Understanding Angel Number meaning in Numerology 

The study of numerology revolves around the theory that the universe is a system. It is one of the many studies of understanding the universe and all the elements that it comprises. The numerologists take the traits of a person and break them down into meaningful numbers using several methods. The numbers can be used to understand the world and ourselves as individuals and also helps us find our true purpose and our real self. 

Modern-day numerology consists of the philosophical knowledge of the ancient civilizations and has the records of being used in Rome, China, Greece, and Japan. The most credit for modern-day numerology goes to Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher who took the study of numbers to a completely different level. 

How Angel Numbers work?

Learning to work with angel numbers is quite complicated and requires a master numerologist to provide accurate and detailed solutions. However, it is easy to find your angel number to learn about your expression, traits, and purpose using basic calculations. The idea behind the study of numerology is that the universe and cosmos affect your life based on several factors such as date, birth name, important life events, and anything that you find relatable with a number. Using these examples, one can explore the greater depths of numerology and create a fortune for themselves. All the knowledge of numerology supports the point that there are no coincidences in the universe. It means that everything from your birthday to your name is the effect of a journey of cosmos, no matter how random you feel it is. The best numerologists and astrologers can provide accurate answers related to your past, present, and future. Only when you start learning more about it, you will understand that they are not making things up just to make you happy. 

The reason why many numerologists and astrologers stress the good qualities in you is that it is pointless to be talking about your negative traits. Instead, you should be diverting all your energy towards your positive side to attract what you want from the universe. 

How to Calculate Angel Numbers? 

Angel numbers may seem easy to understand when you google it, but it takes a lot of time to decode each number and find the hidden meanings behind them. These calculations can go in different directions and can have many layers of numbers, patterns, and sequences. Even the smallest angel numbers 1,2,3, and so on can be quite revealing for a person. Considering that the numbers are infinite, many numbers follow a similar type of pattern and comes back in circles. The numerologists device charts that can be read from many perspectives to provide an easy-to-understand solution to people. 

Positive and Negative Angel Numbers 

Angel numbers can have special traits and effects on different people. For some, an angel number can be rewarding, while for others, it can have negative effects. You should be able to recognize the positive and negative effects of angel numbers. 

The numbers do have a balance between positive and negative, but you need to know how they are influenced by the type of person you are. You need to consider a lot of factors to take the help of angel numbers, such as your love life, health, career, or business. What may be the best angel number for you in your love life may not give you the right guidance for your business. An in-depth study of angel numbers will teach you how to deal with the negative impacts of the numbers and squeeze out the positives from them. It also means that you have control over your angel numbers and you can take or leave their guidance on your own will. 

How do I start learning about my Angel Numbers? 

You need to start small with angel numbers and find your most initial angel number, which will be the sum of the digits of your birth date. The numbers between 1 to 9 will provide you with the basics about your personality and the type of life you are living knowingly or unknowingly. You need to be a fully conscious being to understand your true self. The meaning of the numbers may change depending on the context where you see them. 

As you start growing your understanding in using your single-digit angel number, you can progress to explore for your double-digit angel numbers, and later the triple-digit angel numbers. The typical method used in numerology means that the angel numbers that we see around are usually split apart and added together to leave a single-digit number. But the triple-digit and quadruple-digit angel numbers offer more insights and new paths to explore. The numerologists also calculate the meanings behind the master numbers which carry their own meaning. 

Why Angel Numbers are a Good Life Guide?

Angel numbers cannot take your hand and lead you on the right path. They are more like signboards rather than the bus to your destination. Some people often get discouraged from studying their angel numbers because they feel that no matter how well the numbers define their life for them, it is not creating a pavement for them. They forget that angel numbers show them the path which they would otherwise oversee. They can be a good guide to you for making your decisions. 

The Numerology behind angel numbers is much more than reading your personality. There are many celebrities and successful businessmen who were keen followers of numerology in the past. The studies of numerology now only open doors for you but also make you understand your barriers. Your angel number will guide you based on your position in the universe, attributing to your success. 

Sometimes the deep and powerful feelings can become hard to comprehend and provide overwhelming thoughts to people to change their directions. During this time, the angel numbers can appear to relax one’s mind and help them think from their heart. 

What you learn from this is that you are always around angels and spirits that can influence your lives in the ways you might feel are impossible. It is with time that you develop an understanding of it. Some people also try to avoid this information from the universe because they find it hard to accept, but in reality, the universe does not feel that they are ready yet. Everyone learns about the universe at some point in their lives or after death. You should know that you will most likely see angel numbers around you throughout your life, especially at the time of your transformation to your most authentic self. 

In conclusion, the universe is always there to listen to your dreams, wishes, and feelings. If you truly start believing in something, the entire universe will conspire to connect you with it. Angel numbers are the signs that you are on your path to success. All you have to do is sing your song along as you walk on your path guided by your angel numbers. If you have seen the patterns, symbols, or numbers lately, you can follow our guide to explore the hidden meaning behind these numbers. To start with angel numbers, learn about the meaning of angel numbers 111,222,333,444,555,666, and 777. You can also subscribe to our guides and always come back more for new content on angel numbers, numerology, spirituality, and enlightenment.