Does number 666 keeps appearing in front of you repeatedly? You turn on the radio in your car, and the channel is 66.6 FM, or suddenly you see $6.66 on a bill at the grocery store, or street or anywhere. This repeated sequence of numbers appears to be merely coincidental at the beginning. But fortunately, these numbers are a sign from the universe and carry a message within. In numerology, the sequential repetition of numbers is known as Angel Numbers. These numbers are a medium through which our guardian angels try to communicate with us and guide us through our difficulties.

Seeing 666 Angel number means that now is the time to re-examine your thoughts and change the course of your action to catch up on a more positive frequency. Angel Number 666 resonates with the frequencies of the higher realm and carries a positive vibration. It indicates that your thoughts are not aligned with your soul mission, and there is an imbalance in your life.

666 Angel Number shows your potential to work with your creative mind and your insight to accomplish your goal. It provides you the support when you start questioning your ability and leave behind new opportunities since you believe you are not good enough. 

In various places, the number 666 is related to Satanic and evil forces. It is also considered as a sign of bad luck in many religious texts. Most of us, without any consideration, believe these sayings. The opinion is rooted deep within ourselves that the number 666 carries negative vibrations and is a mark of evil.  But this is not the case in angelic numerology. 

Angelic Numerology focuses more on the meanings and the energies carried by the numbers and not on religious belief. According to various numerologists, angel numbers are the mode of communication of guardian angels and carry a message from the higher realm. Everyone in this world has a guardian angel, and they are bound to help humanity.  They cannot change the course of an event or take away sorrow and pain from your life but can assist you to reduce the intensity of the event by showing you the right path.  

Now when it is clear that these numbers carry a message from the angelic realm, how can number 666 bring negativity or an evil message? Well, this can never happen. Many of you would now wonder how the guardian angels are helping you. Or what message does angel number 666 carry along? Be patient, and continue reading to know the secret message and the symbolic meaning of 666 angel number.

666 - Angel Number Meaning

What is the Meaning of Seeing 666 Angel Number?

Guardian angels appear in different phases of our lives and assist us to move forward in the right direction with the right choices. They try to get our attention through various methods.  Angel numbers are one of their preferred ways to seek our attention and ensure us about their presence.  So what does angel number 666 mean?  

Seeing 666 Angel Number means that there is an imbalance between your thoughts and actions that is interfering with your soul purpose. It means that your thoughts are not aligned with the Universe or your life purpose. This is the reason you often feel discomfort, agony, and pain. It is a wakeup call for you to start focusing on your spirituality to sort out your personal and professional life issues. 

666 Angel Number resonates with the frequencies of humanity, honesty, justice, curiosity, unconditional love, compassion, gratitude, beauty, and responsibilities.  It urges you to combine your intellect and imagination to manifest your desired outcome. 666 also points out that you are too much concerned about materialistic things in life. Instead of draining your wealth on luxury, help the needy ones, or donate money to charity.  The universe will not overlook this act of kindness, and you will definitely receive more than you give.

Angel Number 666 – Spiritual Meaning 

From a spiritual perspective, seeing number 666 means that you have deviated from the path and got lost amidst materialistic things in life. Additionally, it indicates that you are struggling with your ideas. But once you resolve them, the outcomes will certainly be justified regardless of the time. The universe wants you to reach out for help as your guardian angels are nearby. They will assist you to find your best character for this chapter of life. The only thing that can keep you down is the point at which you think you are not enough.

666 Angel Number also indicates to change your life with positive thinking and broaden your perspective. People have been taught to look at things from the human perspective. But to be spiritual, you must look at things from a spiritual perspective.  Let me explain this with a small example. All the trees carry their business with humans. They know that their seeds can’t grow under their shade on their own. So they cover their seeds with a sweet pulp and trade it with humans, and in exchange, they offer the sweet pulp as a service fee to them. The tree thinks it is using humans to grow more of their kind, and the humans think they are using the tree to get fruits. You can laugh at this cosmic joke! Thus, changing the way you look at things can relieve you of your suffering.  

Angel Number 666 – Numerology and Symbolism

In angelic numerology, 666 angel number is an intensified combination of traits and energies of number 6. In some Arabian countries, seeing 666 angel number repeatedly is a sign of positivity and encouragement as in their symbolic system, number 6 is related with creation and soul. 

When we add all 6’s in 666 (6+6+6=18=1+8=9) we get to number 9. Thus, number 666 also reflects the characteristics of number 9. In numerology, number 9 and 999 is considered as the number of perfect men whereas 666 can be seen as the opposite, the number of an imperfect human. The number 9 indicates perfection, honesty, kindness, enlightenment, spiritual awakening, karma, life mission, and sensitivity. According to expert numerologists, number 9 provides number 666 the potential to transform spiritually. Number 6 and number 9 can be seen as two sides of a coin. Both represent extreme traits but are well-balanced when kept together. 

666 Angel Number – Love and Relationship

People who connect with number 666 don’t have much luck in love as you might assume. This is because they keep their feelings locked deep down their heart. They are very shy and quiet when it comes to romance and love. But such people are very kind, practical, and realistic. They find happiness in the smallest things and look for goodness in every individual’s heart. They are supportive parents, protectors of their family, and loyal companions.  

There is a corner for all forms of love in people who connect with 666 angel number. For example, love for family, friends, love towards nature, parental love, love for different creatures, love towards God, etc. However, they lack some points when it comes to romantic love.  They devote all their efforts in humanitarian works, due to which they are separated from their own desires and often end up spending their time alone. 

They don’t change many partners and long for somebody caring, loyal, and who loves with an open heart. Once they end up finding such an individual, their love life is very romantic and full of mutual understandings.  

Angel Number 666 – Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue is one of the expert individuals to decipher the meanings of angel numbers. According to Doreen Virtue, the more 6’s you find in a sequence, the more grounded are the messages sent by the universe. In her book “Healing with the Angels”, she has vehemently stated that there is no need to fear when you repeatedly come across 666 angel number. In some countries and spiritual traditions, repeatedly seeing angel number 666 is believed as the symptoms of a jealous and evil person. However, in angelic numerology, it has no such meanings. So, you can relax in case you have been frequently seeing Angel Number 666 in your life.

Seeing 666 angel number indicates that you are in search of balance and harmony in your life. It is related to putting too much attention on a certain phase of your life over others. This number sequence helps us to concentrate on the bigger picture and reminds us of our wrong decisions. According to Doreen Virtue, “to experience endless happiness, take a shot at removing fear from your life and always have faith in your guardian angels.”

What to do when you keep seeing 666 Angel Number?

Sometimes it can be tricky to deal with the potent energies and vibrations of the higher realm. When you repeatedly see number 666, the first thing which you need to do is sit calm and don’t worry, since wrong responses from your side can lead you to unpleasant circumstances. 

Angel number 666 is not the sign of the Devil. It is an indication that your guardian angels are trying to communicate and convey significant messages regarding your life and fate. They will never send an indication or sign which can harm you. Through angel number 666 the universe wants you to know that helping others is a great deed, but you cannot continue this for life long. Besides humanitarian actions, you must look for your desires and dreams as well.  Next time when you come across 666 angel number, don’t look at it with a negative mindset. Being soaked with divine forces and energies, this number will manifest the energy you give it. 

Seeing 666 angel number repeatedly speaks of our daily life patterns. Like you follow the same road to your office every day or prefer coffee without sugar. We stick to them because we grow comfortable with these patterns. But sometimes we start following negative routines. When you frequently see 666 angel number , stay away from negative thoughts whether it is a memory or a person or sentiments since you will absorb them into your life. 

Your modern mind is a potent weapon. It can misinterpret the meanings behind angel number 666 as per its convenient belief. But if you are capable of controlling your mind by holding the rein in your hands, you might miss the target you had earlier thought of but will hit better targets you had never thought of.