People have become fascinated with angel numbers and their meanings. They will read books and research why they are encountering frequent numerical combinations. However, others may question who invented angel numbers? The answer may be more complex than the actual question. This article will dive deep into the origins of who invented these celestial digits.

In the year 570 B.C., a man by the name of Pythagoras was born in Samos, Greece. He was a philosopher, mathematician, and teacher. Pythagoras observed that numbers correlated with the universe. He understood that numbers could be found everywhere. He also found them in music. He noticed that digits had a distinct language code that contained their own vibration, color, and frequency. For example, he believed that the number 2 was feminine, and the number 3 was masculine energy.

What does the involvement of Pythagoras have to do with the question of who invented angel numbers? The interesting part is that Pythagoras invented numerology. He was also an astrologist and acknowledged that mathematics had a translation to everything in existence. 

Each digit has a specific characteristic and or meaning. The same in numerology. Different numbers have unique meanings when placed by themselves or with a sequence of other numbers. So now that we understand that Pythagoras was the father of numerology, it is only recently that the term ‘Angel Number’ became familiar with the New Age community.  

There is also a well-known author, Doreen Virtue, who has written many books on the subject matter. She is considered to be a modern-day expert, who brought light on the topic of Angel Numbers. Doreen Virtue is a pioneer, who deciphered the meaning of seeing Angel Numbers for the current generation and made it a household term for the masses. As per Doreen Virtue, numbers are used as a tool brought forth by the angelic realm to communicate with humanity.

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Who Invented Angel Numbers?

However, the question of who invented angel numbers is sort of answered. If people such as Pythagoras and Doreen Virtue understand that numbers have their distinct lingo, who in actuality invented angel numbers? That answer will be summed up shortly.

The entire time even before the discovery of numerology or angel numbers, they had always existed. To say that someone invented angel numbers is almost like saying someone invented the air. At the end of the day, not one person invented angel numbers. 

In its initial state of creation, the universe was a language made up of mathematical equations. Since it had been this state since the beginning of time, there is only one inventor of these mystical numerical messages. The one that deserves the credit is of course The Divine Creator of all. 

The Almighty Divine was the true original inventor of all including the angel numbers. Therefore, the question of who invented angel numbers has been fully answered. God who breathed life into every creation that inhabits our beautiful planet innovated numbers into the equation of existence

The humans that discovered the language of the divine digits merely cracked the code. But of course, we must also acknowledge their efforts because if it wasn’t for their findings, we would never be aware that these heavenly messages exist.   

Behind every invention, the originator is God himself. This is the gift that we have been given to receive guidance from the angels.  May we all receive the wisdom of the numbers.