Angel numbers are recurring number sequences sent to us by our guardian angels and the universe as divine guidance. They appear at opportune moments to give us validation, comfort, and direction on our soul path. The angelic sequence 138 contains rich symbolism and spiritual messages to help us move forward in fulfilling our destinies.

Seeing the angel number 138 is a sign to open your heart chakra, radiate positivity, and pursue your authentic purpose. Our angelic protectors want to lift your energy vibrations and fill you with faith. This cherubic number sequence urges you to spread your wings and fly towards new horizons. 

The 1 energy inspires new beginnings and fresh starts while the 3 frequency resonates with optimism, creativity, and ascended masters. Combined with the grounding 8 vibration, angel number 138 asks you to manifest your aspirations from an emotionally empowered state of being. Maintain positive thoughts, give gratitude, and serve your higher self.

What is the Meaning of Seeing 138 Angel Number?

The primary meaning of the angelic sequence 138 is that your angels are bringing you uplifting energy and emotional strength. They want to help you move past your fears, doubts, stresses or worries you have been carrying. Seeing 138 is a message to let go of what no longer serves your highest good and step into your divine truth.

The 1 and 3 energies combined in angel number 138 relate to manifesting your desires through optimism, joy and lighter emotional vibrations. This angelic sequence is a reminder to think positively as you plant seeds and nurture your dreams into fruition. 

138 is also a message of encouragement from the angels when you are seeking your life purpose or soul mission. The essence of 138 signals that your spiritual awakening is blossoming and your natural talents are meant to serve the greater good.

This angel number inspires you to follow the callings of your heart and move confidently towards major life changes. Seeing 138 is confirmation that you are on the right path and have angelic support behind you.

138 Angel Number – Love & Relationships

In your romantic relationships and matters of the heart, angel number 138 brings promises of deepening bonds, affection and mutual understanding. Seeing 138 indicates that angels are blessing your connections and infusing them with light.

If you are single, 138 is a sign that you are ready to attract your soulmate or twin flame into your life. The angels are working on clearing your heart chakras, healing past emotional wounds and bringing you someone special. 

Let go of rejection, unfulfilled desires and painful experiences from your past. When you see 138, it is a message to open yourself to give and receive love again. The angels will guide your steps to bring you the perfect divine partner.

For those in relationships, 138 angel number signals increased trust, passion, empathy and soulful connections. Communication will continue to improve and investments made in the partnership will reap rewards.

Seeing 138 is encouragement from angels to deepen your intimacy, affection and care for your loved one. Take time to nurture your romantic bond through mutual understanding and thoughtful gestures.

138 Angel Number – Twin Flame Meaning

One of the primary meanings of 138 angel number in relations to love is about twin flame connections and soulmates. Seeing 138 repetitively is a clear message from angels that you will be meeting or entering union with your twin flame or soulmate soon.

Your twin flame is your perfect mirror soul who shares the same energies as you. They are meant to ascend together with you and fulfill important soul missions. The appearance of 138 is a hint that your twin flame relationship is being divinely orchestrated behind the scenes.

The angels are preparing you both energetically for this predestined reunion. Divine timing is at play, and your encounters will happen when you are both ready. Seeing angel number 138 is reassurance that your twin flame is being drawn to you and your soul recognition is being activated.

Pay attention to new people entering your life when you see 138 frequently. Be open to receiving messages, signs and synchronicities from your twin flame. When you cross paths, it will feel comfortable, familiar and intuitively aligned.

138 Angel Number – Spiritual Meaning

On a spiritual level, angel number 138 relates to spiritual awakening, developing your psychic senses and connecting with divine guidance. Seeing 138 repetitively is a sign from angels that you are experiencing an ascension to new heights of ethereal understanding.

The appearance of 138 signals that your extrasensory perception and intuition are becoming stronger. You may receive premonitions, psychic impressions and prophetic visions more frequently. Seeing 138 encourages you to trust your instincts when making decisions or evaluating situations.

This angelic sequence also indicates divine inspiration flowing through you as a result of your spiritual awakening. You may receive intuitive downloads to support your soul mission of lightwork and service. 138 brings reassurance that your angels are right by your side, wishing to co-create through you.

Overall, 138 angel number deals with angelic guidance, psychic awakening and developing your connection with the spiritual realm. Seeing this number is validation that the heavens are supporting the evolution of your soul.

138 Angel Number – Money Meaning 

In relation to money, finances and career aspirations, seeing angel number 138 brings a positive message from your angels. 138 indicates improvements in your material abundance and stability as a result of staying optimistic and focusing your intentions.

Seeing 138 is a sign to continue manifesting financial increase through joyful expectation, gratitude and releasing fears or scarcity programming. Affirm abundance, invest wisely and be open to unexpected income streams.

The essence of 138 encourages wise stewardship of your finances. Manage your money and resources judiciously. Research investments thoroughly and refrain from high-risk decisions involving large sums. Seeking trusted financial advice is favored.

Overall, this angelic sequence brings reassurance from your angels that sufficient provisions will be available to you as you pursue divinely guided work. Seeing 138 is a sign that financial rewards will come through perseverance, savvy planning and maintaining positive expectations.

138 Angel Number – Career Meaning

In relation to career, professional missions and divine life purpose, angel number 138 signals a time of expansion, growth and reaching higher levels of expression. Seeing 138 repetitively means your talents, gifts and experience are ready to flourish.

The appearance of 138 encourages you to stretch yourself and reach for opportunities that are in alignment with your soul calling. Take inspired action, market your skills confidently and be receptive to signs guiding you towards your ideal vocation.

Seeing angel number 138 regularly can also indicate promotions at work, entrepreneurial successes and taking on more fulfilling responsibilities in your role. Overall, 138 signals optimism and upliftment in your professional undertakings, rewarding efforts and ascending to new heights.

This angelic sequence affirms that the angels are supporting you and orchestrating helpful opportunities to advance along your chosen career path. Follow the stirrings in your heart and know your life purpose is being activated.

138 Angel Number – Doreen Virtue 

Renowned angel author Doreen Virtue interprets 138 angel number as a message from your angels to let go of stresses and negative emotions such as fear, worry, anxiety or depression. Seeing 138 is a sign to increase your self-care practices and energetic cleansing activities. 

Doreen counsels that this angelic sequence relates to healing from emotional traumas or past issues which still affect your vibration levels. The angels urge you to ask for their intervention to cut away lingering energetic cords and reinvigorate your inner-light.

Seeing 138 is also viewed by Doreen as a call to connect more closely with your divine life purpose and soul mission embodiment. Your angels wish to infuse you with passion, inspiration and determination to fully express your talents in service.

Overall, 138 angel number according to Doreen is a powerful message from the angels to release heavy emotions, restore positivity and courageously walk your authentic spiritual path. The heavens support you fully.

138 Angel Number – Numerology Meaning

In numerology, angel number 138 resonates with the vibrational essence of numbers 1, 3 and 8. Number 1 amplifies new beginnings, optimism and creation. The 3 energy resonates with the Ascended Masters, increases communication and stimulates creativity. Number 8 adds practicality, abundance, success and inner-wisdom. 

Together, these numerological influences infuse angel number 138 with uplifting and emotionally empowering energies. Seeing 138 is a message to initiate fresh starts, communicate artfully, manifest prosperity and access your inner-wisdom. 

The 138 angelic sequence numerologically reduces to the number 6 (1+3+8=12, 1+2=3). Number 6 brings nurturing home and family energies, empathy, idealism and responsibility. This reinforces how 138 angel number focuses on emotional healing, hopefulness and higher service.

What to do when you keep seeing 138 Angel Number?

– Stay optimistic and focus your thoughts on what you desire, not what you fear. The more you dwell in positivity, the quicker your manifestations.

– Increase self-care practices like meditation, energy work and spending time in nature to relax your mind and body. This raises your vibration which amplifies the effects of seeing angel number 138.

– Examine areas of your emotional world that need cleansing or healing. Seek counselling, try EFT tapping, practice mirror work or journaling to process unresolved issues.

– Make connections with your heart chakra. Wear or surround yourself with the color green and rose quartz crystals. Practice forgiveness and loving-kindness.

– Have faith in the appearance of 138 and its messages. This angelic sequence empowers you to create positive change, pursue dreams and elevate your life.


In summary, the angel number 138 is a highly potent and uplifting sequence bringing validation and direction from the divine realms. Seeing 138 delivers the reminder to approach your life’s journey from a mindset of hope, enthusiasm and inner-peace. 

Allow the essence of 138 to steer you towards greater fulfillment and purpose. When you feel lost or discouraged, the appearance of angel number 138 is a heavenly nudge to reconnect with your inner-light. By maintaining a high vibrational state, you are able to attract blessings, synchronicity and angelic support.

Trust in the deeper meaning of 138 every time it appears. Let its motivational energy propel you to reach new heights!

FAQs on 138 Angel Number

What does 138 mean spiritually?

Spiritually, 138 signals a time of heightened intuition, psychic development and divine inspiration guiding your soul mission. This angel number connects you with the spiritual realm.

Is 138 a twin flame number? 

Yes, 138 is often a sign from angels that your twin flame or soulmate connection is emerging. Seeing 138 repetitively means they are being drawn to you and destined reunion is approaching.

What does 138 mean in love?

Seeing angel number 138 means deeper intimacy, affection and mutual understanding in your love life, relationships and partnerships. Single folks may soon attract soulmate connections.

Is 138 a lucky number?

Yes, 138 is generally considered a lucky and fortunate number due to its uplifting symbolism and presence of numbers 1, 3 and 8 which carry positive vibrations. Seeing 138 brings optimism.

What does the number 138 mean in numerology? 

In numerology 138 reduces to the number 6, bringing nurturing home and family energies plus empathy, idealism and higher service. 138 resonates with new beginnings, creativity and inner wisdom.

Is 138 a warning sign from angels?

No, 138 is almost always a positive sign and not a warning. It signals the need to let go of negativity and tune into higher guidance from the angels who wish to help you.

Does 138 mean good luck financially? 

Yes, often 138 indicates improvements in finances, stability, wise investments and unexpected income. But 138 cautions against risky ventures and to manage money judiciously.

What chakra is 138 associated with?

Angel number 138 is most closely associated with the heart chakra due to its emotional healing and love symbolism. Seeing 138 signals to make self-care a priority.

What Zodiac or star sign is 138 connected to?

138 resonates strongly with the air signs of Aquarius, Gemini and Libra due to its frequency being linked to communication, intellect and creativity.

What does 138 mean for twin flames?

Seeing repetitive 138 is a positive affirmation from angels that your twin flame is being drawn closer to you. Divine timing and energetic preparation is at work behind the scenes.


Seeing angel number 138 means to let go of negativity and tune into positive emotions, creativity and intuition. The essence of 138 resonates with fresh starts, fulfillment in love, and lightworking. This divine sequence is a sign your angels are nearby, wishing to co-create your soul mission and attract blessings. When 138 appears, it signals a spiritual awakening unfolding across all areas of your life. 

Have faith in the deeper meaning of 138 and allow its high vibrational energy to lift you to new heights!