Angel numbers are the divine messages from the celestial world that provide us guidance, wisdom and insight into our lives. These number sequences hold deep symbolism and meaning, often revealing the secrets of the universe. Spotting angel numbers frequently is a sign that your angels are trying to get an important message across to you. Paying attention to these numbers and decoding their meaning can help align your life path and connect you to your soul purpose. 

One such angel number is 136, a number sequence that signifies communication, openness and new opportunities. 136 angel number brings a message from your guardian angels to speak your truth bravely and communicate effectively to build deeper connections. Seeing this number pattern could indicate that there are new prospects emerging in your relationships as well as your personal and professional growth. Your angels want you to be receptive to new ideas and express yourself boldly. Mustering the courage to voice your authentic thoughts and feelings can help you manifest desired outcomes. When embraced positively, angel number 136 brings personal expansion and soul evolution.

What is the Meaning of Seeing 136 Angel Number?

The recurring appearance of angel number 136 bears an important message from the divine realm about eloquent expression and harmonious relationships. 136 contains the energies of numbers 1, 3 and 6, each having their own distinct symbolism that influences the overall meaning. 

Number 1 resonates with new beginnings and venturing into uncharted waters. It suggests embracing your independence and originality. 1 also amplifies the vibrations of the numbers it appears with, in this case 3 and 6. 

Number 3 resonates with creativity, optimism and joyfulness. It asks you to embrace your natural talents and communicate authentically. Number 3 energy helps you express yourself freely and spread positivity around you.

Number 6 carries vibrations of balance, harmony, home and family. It amplifies compassion, nurture and unconditional love. Number 6 reminds you that open communication fosters understanding and harmony. 

Together, the numbers 1, 3 and 6 create the meaning of 136 angel number – communicating openly and honestly while being your authentic self leads to nurturing relationships and new adventures. When you see 136, your angels are asking you to express your truth courageously. Speak from the heart, voice innovative ideas and project a positive spirit.

Embrace change bravely and surround yourself with supportive communities. As you build deeper connections through empathy, compassion and communication, you will attract harmony and joy. Be open to different worldviews and connect with people from all walks of life. Angel number 136 signals that it is time to come out of your shell and share your true self with your loved ones as well as the world.

136 Angel Number – Love & Relationships

In matters of love and relationships, 136 angel number signals that it is time for openhearted communication, vulnerability and revitalizing your emotional connections. Seeing 136 repetitively when thinking about your romantic relationships is a sign from angels that change is afoot. There are new opportunities emerging that can lead your love life in exciting directions, but first you must muster the courage to communicate openly. 

Angel number 136 is a reminder to speak your truth with clarity in existing relationships. Share your authentic feelings without inhibition or expectation. Listen deeply to your partner’s perspective with empathy. Understand that differing viewpoints are not a threat but an opportunity for mutual growth and intimacy. When both parties communicate their innermost thoughts and emotions freely, it creates a foundation of trust that helps relationships thrive.

If you are single, 136 angel number brings good news of entering a new relationship phase. Opportunities for meeting potential partners are lined up in the near future. The angelic message is to put yourself out there socially and open your heart to new love. Be honest about who you are and what you want from relationships. Healthy partnerships are built on transparency, understanding and constant communication.

For those seeking their soulmate or twin flame, 136 is a sign to turn inward and align your frequency with love. Do the inner work of processing traumas, releasing limiting beliefs and embracing your worth. When you feel whole and complete within yourself, you naturally attract your divine counterpart. Have faith that at the right moment, your soulmate will enter your life.

Angel Number 136 – Twin Flame Meaning

136 angel number has special meaning for twin flames and soulmates. Seeing 136 frequently indicates that you will soon connect with your twin flame – your perfect spiritual counterpart who balances and complements your soul. Angels send 136 as a message to get ready for this divine soul reunion.

Twin flames share an intensely passionate and transformative relationship. The connection between twin flames is nearly always challenging and requires deep self-work by both parties. Seeing 136 is a reminder that open communication and unconditional love are the keys to thriving in this cosmic partnership.

When you meet your twin flame, you may experience an instant feeling of familiarity, like you’ve known this person forever. You recognize your twin soul instinctively because they mirror your strengths, weaknesses, hopes and fears. This triggers a rapid spiritual awakening within both twins, bringing suppressed emotions to the surface. 

To nurture a healthy bond with your twin flame, angel number 136 asks you to let your guard down, express your feelings and be vulnerable. Speak your truth with kindness and listen without judgement. Foster intimacy through empathy, compassion and patience for the other. When both twins communicate what they think and how they feel honestly, it creates deep divine union.

136 asks you to open your heart chakra fully to give and receive love. When you embrace transparency and look past ego with your twin flame, your relationship evolves to heights of passion, creativity and personal growth. You begin to feel whole and healed in each other’s presence. The appearance of 136 tells you to get ready to welcome your twin flame connection.

Angel Number 136 – Spiritual Meaning

At its core, 136 angel number carries deep spiritual significance in how it relates to life purpose and soul evolution. On your spiritual journey, seeing 136 repetitively is a sign that angels want you to open your channels of communication with the Divine. 

The recurring appearance of this angel number means that your prayers, intentions and affirmations have been heard by angels. They now want to communicate back to you through intuitive nudges, signs, coincidences and inner guidance. For you to receive these direct messages clearly, your channels need to be open and cleared of mental clutter.

Angel number 136 is an uplifting reminder to quiet your mind through prayer, meditation and mindfulness. Spend time communing with nature and practicing spiritual self-care. When you achieve inner stillness, you’ll begin noticing the subtle signs and synchronicities from the angelic realm.

An open clear channel allows you to communicate easily with your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and the Ascended Masters. As divine light floods in, you gain wisdom, creativity and inspiration for your soul mission. Angel number 136 brings reassurance that you are not alone on your spiritual path. The Universe is communicating with you constantly through various signs and symbols. Sharpen your intuition and see the magic!

On a soul level, 136 amplifies your natural abilities as an empath and lightworker. As you awaken to your psychic powers of clairvoyance, telepathy and energy healing, use it in service and with compassion. Be a channel of divine light and unconditional love.

136 Angel Number – Money Meaning 

In financial and material matters, seeing angel number 136 is a positive omen of abundance and prosperity. Your angels are opening new avenues for making money and generating wealth. But first you must let go of outdated scarcity mindsets and limiting beliefs around finances that close you off from these opportunities.

Angel number 136 signals that your angels are ready to guide you and offer resources, but you need to clearly ask for help and be open to receiving. Pray, set intentions, then pay attention to ideas and nudges from your divine team. Say yes to new collaborations and creative projects that resonate with your purpose. Know that there is prosperity and abundance available to you, but the channels can only open when you ask and believe.

Seeing 136 repetitively also carries a message – have open, honest conversations about money matters. Discuss budgets, investments and savings strategies with your spouse or business partner. Come up with an action plan that serves you both. Where you may have avoided financial conversations before, now is the time to be totally transparent for your mutual security and growth.

When you open your flow of prosperity by heeding to the guidance from your angels, and communicating your financial needs and goals clearly, abundance will manifest in astonishing ways. Be receptive to wealth and say yes to blessings.

Angel Number 136 – Career Meaning

136 angel number brings an important nudge from the angels about your career and life purpose. If you’ve been feeling stuck in your current job, seeing repetitive 136 is a sign that it’s time to speak your truth and make positive changes. 

Your angels want to help you progress towards meaningful work that’s fulfilling and aligned with your divine talents. But first you must open up and communicate your innate skills, passions and what you wish to do. Have courageous conversations with your boss, colleagues, friends and family about your professional aspirations. 

Brainstorm and explore options that spark your interest. Be open to new training, growth opportunities and career pivots. Say yes to ideas that resonate with your purpose. As you voice your hopes aloud and take tangible steps towards positive change, you’ll attract exciting job prospects. 

Seeing 136 frequently is also a sign to raise issues plaguing you at work. Speak openly about problems, miscommunications and workplace conflicts. Offer solutions and be a catalyst for positive change. When you give voice to matters weighing you down and engage cooperatively, you create harmony and progress.

Your angels are cheering you on to step up boldly and communicate your authentic self in your career. Say no to environments or jobs that dim your light. You have the power to ascend to fulfilling work by opening up about who you are and what you want. 136 motivates you to own your worth – and seize opportunities for growth.

136 Angel Number – Doreen Virtue 

Doreen Virtue, the renowned author and angel expert, decodes 136 angel number as a message from angels to communicate thoughtfully. According to her, seeing 136 means that the angels are highlighting issues around how you convey yourself through speech and writing. 

The repetitive appearance of 136 in your life implies that currently your communication may seem aggressive, tactless or unclear to others without you realizing it. You may be expressing yourself in ways that compromise your relationships and pushes others away emotionally.

Doreen explains that the essence of 136 angel number is improving how you communicate your deepest truth. Your angels want your speech to uplift others through positivity, compassion and wisdom. When you speak from your heart with care, your words have power and grace. 

Seeing 136 is a nudge from angels to think deeply about your motivations before expressing yourself. Make sure your intention is to heal, not hurt. Choose your words carefully and be diplomatic. Find the balance between honesty and tactfulness.

Doreen Virtue recommends using angel number 136 as a reminder to speak less and listen more attentively. When you are mindful and respectful in communication, your soul energy radiates. This attracts kindred spirits and harmonious relationships into your life.

Angel Number 136 – Numerology Meaning

In numerology, numbers hold unique meanings deeply tied to the study of vibrational frequencies and ancient esoteric wisdom. Looking at the numerology meaning of 136 provides further insight into its angelic significance.

The number 136 resonates with the vibrations of number 9, because 1+3+6 = 9. Number 9 carries potent influences of service, humanitarianism, philanthropy and lightworking. The essence of 9 is sharing one’s talents and resources to make a positive difference in the world. 

Seeing 136 relates to using your gifts to be of service to others. Your soul’s purpose is to communicate insights that uplift, inspire hope and spread light. You are meant to share your story to help others going through similar struggles. By being vulnerable and real about your journey, you allow others to open up and heal.

Number 9 also represents culmination, completion and attainment that comes from following one’s life path. 136 signals that you are coming to the end of a major life cycle or chapter. It is time for you to look back on lessons learned, tie up loose ends and prepare for exciting new adventures ahead. Finish old projects and miscommunications so you can fully step into new beginnings.

What to do when you keep seeing 136 Angel Number?

When 136 appears repeatedly in your life, it certainly means your angels want to get a divine message across. Here are constructive ways to respond when you keep noticing 136 angel number:

– Take it as a sign to pause and reflect on your communication style. Are you expressing yourself clearly? Do you come across as friendly and empowering? Or aggressive and defeatist? Align your speech with love.

– Consider opening up a meaningful dialogue with someone close from whom you’ve become estranged. Heal old wounds through compassionate communication.

– Speak positively about your skills and talents instead of diminishing your abilities. Own your self-worth.

– Share your unconventional ideas and spiritual experiences with open-minded friends. Be brave to speak your truth. 

– Pray and set intentions related to what you wish to express or create. Then act upon angelic guidance that flows in subtly.

– Use your voice and platform to spread light, inspire others and be of service. Share your gifts with grace.

– Overcome lingering grievances or misunderstandings, especially with loved ones, through forgiveness, empathy and honesty.

– Look up the meaning of numbers 1, 3 and 6 for further guidance as these numbers comprise 136.


136 angel number is a sign from divinity encouraging you to speak your truth bravely, express yourself clearly and foster understanding through caring communication. By being open and authentic in your relationships and community, you manifest harmony and new beginnings.

Have faith that your angels are supporting you in voicing your needs firmly yet lovingly. Know that you have the skills and talents to be a positive change-maker and help others through your words and actions. When you align your communication with wisdom, humility and service, everything falls into place beautifully.

FAQs on 136 Angel Number 

1. Is 136 a twin flame number?

Yes, 136 is considered a twin flame number because it carries the energies of open communication, vulnerability and unconditional love required to thrive in that intense soulmate relationship. Seeing 136 often is a sign you will soon unite with your twin flame.

2. Is 136 an angel number? 

Yes, 136 is an angel number like 555, 1010, 888 etc. It’s a sequence with divine spiritual meaning and symbolism from the angelic realm. 136 signifies souls coming together through clear communication and compassionate understanding. 

3. What does 136 mean spiritually?

Spiritually, 136 angel number means to open your channels of intuitive communication with the Divine and your spirit guides. Cleanse your energy, sharpen your intuition and be receptive to inner guidance from angels. Express your authentic self clearly.

4. What does the number 136 mean in love?

136 in matters of love and romance signifies honest communication, transparency, vulnerability and revitalizing emotional connections. Share your true feelings without fear to transform relationships. New exciting partnerships can arise when you speak openly.

5. Is 136 a lucky number?

Yes, 136 can be considered a lucky number due to its highly spiritual and uplifting energies. It signifies good fortune in relationships, abundance, new opportunities and alignment of career with soul purpose. The number 136 brings blessings when its guidance is followed.

6. What does 136 mean in soulmate/twin flame connections? 

136 is a powerful sign of uniting with your twin flame or soulmate, provided you do the inner work first. This number guides you to clear inner blockages, embrace self-love, forgive others and raise your energetic frequency to attract your divine counterpart.

7. Does 136 mean moving or change of location?

Seeing angel number 136 doesn’t specifically relate to physical relocation or moving houses. Its core energies relate to communication, self-expression and relationships. However, change of any kind, including moving, can arise from following 136 guidance and aligning with your highest self.

8. Is 136 a sign? What kind of sign from spirit guides?

Yes, 136 is an angel number sign from your spirit guides and guardian angels. It’s a highly auspicious spiritual sign encouraging you to speak, write, create and express yourself authentically so you can manifest desired outcomes.

9. What chakra is 136 associated with?  

Angel number 136 is connected with the throat chakra which governs communication and self-expression. Seeing 136 means your throat chakra needs alignment and activation through spiritual practices to fully express yourself.

10. What does 136 mean in numerology?

In numerology, 136 resonates with number 9 (1+3+6=9). Number 9 relates to humanitarianism, lightwork, philanthropy and ending cycles to begin anew. Combined with 136 symbolism, this means serving others through compassionate communication.


Angel number 136 is a divine sign from the angelic realm relating to clear communication, self-expression, openness and new opportunities. Its core energies signify speaking one’s truth bravely, fostering mutual understanding through vulnerability and revitalizing relationships by releasing grievances. 136 signals fresh starts and progress on one’s life path through harmonious communication. This angel number often associates with uniting with soul mates and twin flames as well. Seeing 136 urges one to be receptive to inner guidance and express one’s authentic self freely.