Angel numbers are mysterious numerical sequences that hold deep meaning and insight into our lives. They are believed to be messages from angels and the spiritual realm, providing guidance, encouragement, and answers to our questions. When we notice the same numbers popping up over and over again, it is a sign that we are tuned in and ready to receive their divine wisdom. Angel number 117 is an intriguing sequence that conveys a potent spiritual message for those who are seeing it emerge in their lives. 

117 angel number contains the powerful master numbers 11 and 7, amplifying its spiritual potency and drawing our attention to its deeper meaning. Like all angel numbers, seeing 117 is a cosmic wink from the universe inviting us to pause, take notice, and reflect on the subtle signs and synchronicities unfolding on our path. Seeing 117 angel number signals a time of heightened awareness, intuition and connection with the spiritual realm. Our angels are reaching out to make their presence known, waiting for us to quiet the mind and open our hearts to receive their guidance and messages of hope.

When we repeatedly notice the number sequence 117, whether on clocks, license plates, receipts or elsewhere, it is a reminder from our angels to pay attention. Something important is coming into alignment in our lives. Seeing angel number 117 is a prompt from the divine to tune into our inner wisdom and harness the spiritual insights flooding our mind and heart. Let us explore the mystical meanings behind this power-packed sequence and how to interpret its messages of upliftment and enlightenment.

Seeing 117 Angel Number Meaning
Seeing 117 Angel Number Meaning

What is the Meaning of Seeing 117 Angel Number?

117 angel number contains a double dose of the powerful master number 11, amplifying its spiritual potency and significance. In numerology, master number 11 is considered a portal to mystical awareness and higher consciousness. It heightens our intuition, insight and ability to channel divine guidance. When 117 angel number appears it is a sign we are on the cusp of an expansion in spiritual gifts and abilities. Our sensitivity is heightened and we are becoming a clearer channel for the unconditional love and ancient wisdom of the angels.

Seeing 117 angel number is a message from the angels that we are entering a time of accelerated spiritual transformation and awakening. Change is imminent. We are being called to let go of lower vibrational energies of fear, lack and limitation and step into our inherent divine potential. Seeing 117 repeatedly means a big shift is on the horizon and we must prepare mentally, emotionally and spiritally for this new phase. Trust in the unseen hand of the universe guiding you forward. 

The 1 in angel number 117 symbolizes new beginnings and fresh starts. The Universe is about to breathe new life into our circumstances, relationships, work and soul evolution. The doors are opening to exciting opportunities and elevated experiences. The 1 asks us to keep our hearts and minds open to embrace the innovative ideas and inspiration flowing our way.

The 17 in 117 combines the 1 with master number 7. Master number 7 radiates magical and mystical vibrations, qualities enhanced by the 1’s fresh beginnings. Angel number 117 indicates a period of luck, synchronicity and new spiritual adventures. Pay close attention to signs, omens and symbols and be willing to walk new mystical paths. Divinely guided change and transformation is imminent.  

Have faith that these shifts will align your life with soul purpose and infuse your circumstances with joy, ease and flow. 117 angel number heralds a reawakening and reinvention guided by spirit. Our angels are with us, orchestrating events in the seen and unseen to help us fulfill our highest potential.

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117 Angel Number – Love & Relationships 

Seeing 117 angel number when thinking of relationships is a positive omen of fresh romantic opportunities and partnerships blossoming in the future. For those longing for love, know that your soulmate is being divinely guided towards you. Remain positive, visualize your ideal partner and continue focusing on personal growth and following your highest joy. 

When 117 appears in your relationship journey, it signals that soulmate-level love is manifesting. Divine counterparts are uniting and new romance is blooming. Release past hurts and open your heart to attract your ideal partner. Forgive yourself and others to call in healthy relationships.

If you are in a relationship, 117 angel number is a sign to infuse your partnership with playfulness, optimism and quality time together. Angel number 117 encourages you to try new things as a couple and make plans for your shared future. This is a time of renewing passion and commitment. Reignite the spark through shared activities, vulnerability, affection and open communication.

Solitude is also purposeful now. 117 indicates a period of self-discovery as you get clarity on relationship goals and needs. Listen to your intuition and reflect on lessons from the past. Healing old wounds will open you to love. 

Overall angel number 117 marks a joyful new chapter in relationships. Soul mates are reuniting, laughter and play are the glue cementing bonds. Release the past, embrace the present and have faith the future will manifest partnerships surpassing your dreams.

117 Angel Number – Twin Flame Meaning

For twin flames, seeing repetitive 117 angel number is a hugely significant sign of impending reunion and coming together in divine love. In the twin flame journey, 117 indicates that your divine counterpart is moving closer on the path, awakening and doing the inner work necessary to reach union. 

Though the path has been long and trying, take heart, your perseverance is manifesting results. The 1’s of 117 angel number represent the fresh start energy of reunion. The 7’s signal spiritual alignment and awareness has reached a point where coming back together is possible. Have faith and continue visualizing, feeling and building yourself and your life in alignment with highest soul truth. 

If currently in separation, angel number 117 is a milestone that your twin is feeling your energetic pull and moving closer. Signs, synchronicities and sixth sense sensations will intensify as you draw nearer on the journey. Open your heart and allow hope, optimism and joy to lead you forward. Everything is working out divinely.

When seeing 117 angel number , it is a cue from the angels to cleanse your energy field of lingering fears, doubts or perceived blocks holding you back. Release old emotional wounds or limiting beliefs preventing you from fully trusting and receiving your divine counterpart. You are healing and whole, ready to unite in love.   

For twin flames in energetic or physical reunion, 117 reflects this new beginning and celebrates your sacred union. Keep your vibration high by being fully present and embracing each moment. Let go of past stories or dramas. Stay anchored in gratitude, forgiveness and unconditional love.

117 Angel Number – Spiritual Meaning 

On a spiritual level angel number 117 indicates a period of profound transformation, evolution and soul growth. It is a sign you are expanding into new levels of higher awareness and mystical attunement. Your angels are reaching out to validate that you are on the right path. Keep following the subtle signs, symbols and synchronicities life is revealing to guide you.

117 angel number reflects that you are entering a powerful period of light ascension on your spiritual path. Strengthen your mind-body-spirit connection through prayer, meditation, lightwork, energy healing and other practices that nourish your soul. Now is the time to shine your inner light bright. 

Your sensitivity to the angelic realms and higher wisdom is increasing. 117 angel number signifies greater intuition, psychic downloads and ability to channel divine light and unconditional love. You may receive vivid dreams, premonitions or telepathic messages from your angels or spirit guides. Pay attention to repetitive thoughts as these can contain guidance.

Overall angel number 117 indicates a spiritual quickening is brewing. You are experiencing a soul rebirth and turning point as you awaken to your true nature and infinite potential. Light and wisdom are pouring in to illuminate your purpose. Engage in activities that nourish your mind, body and spirit so you can fulfill your soul mission.

117 Angel Number – Money Meaning

Money luck and new opportunities for abundance are indicated when 117 angel number appears in your finances or work matters. This is a sign that fresh financial starts and elevated income flow are manifesting behind the scenes and will soon transition into tangible results.  

If you have been struggling financially, have faith that your angels have been guiding you on a path of establishing the mindset, skills and wisdom to create authentic, holistic wealth and prosperity. You are entering a period of rebirth around your ability to attract and manage money and resources. Prosperity in alignment with your soul purpose will soon emerge.

Angel number 117 encourages you to open your mind to receive innovative and divinely inspired ideas to boost your income and investments. Be willing to implement new routines, business systems and strategies to maximize efficiency. Streamline your workflow and release any fears, doubts or perceived obstacles around finances. Open up to new income streams and opportunities.

Overall 117 in money matters forecasts the blossoming of financial blessing and abundance. Trust that your needs are being divinely met at the right time. Continue to focus positive intentions and energy into your finances and have faith that lucrative opportunities are manifesting.

117 Angel Number – Career Meaning

Professionally, 117 angel number is a sign of career renewal, path alignment and purposeful work blossoming in your future. If you have been feeling stuck, trust that your angels have been elevating you behind the scenes and dynamic new job opportunities will soon appear. 

Angel number 117 indicates fresh professional starts aligned with your innate talents and passions. Doors are opening to occupations, clients and projects that light you up. Prepare by soul searching on your true calling and refining your skills and focus. Now is the time to dream big about meaningful work.

An element of mysticism and spiritual mission underlies the career changes 117 foretells. Look for unexpected opportunities allowing you to make a difference through your gifts while also fulfilling your material needs. Be open to new industries, niches or ways of working that utilize your purposefully.

For those in careers they enjoy, 117 angel number signifies expansion and next level opportunities emerging. Look for chances to share your message or uplift others through your work. Increase productivity by refining systems and letting go of obligations no longer resonating. You are stepping into new levels of success and contribution.

Overall, angel number 117 heralds fresh optimism and momentum arriving to elevate your career. Align with your soul purpose and have faith that deeply fulfilling work opportunities will soon manifest. Your angels are guiding the way.

117 Angel Number – Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue is a prominent author who writes extensively about angels and spirituality. She has referenced that angel number 117 symbolizes a spiritual awakening. It is a sign you are on the brink of an accelerated elevation in developing your spiritual gifts and tapping into divine wisdom.

According to Doreen Virtue, repeatedly seeing 117 angel number is validation from your angels that you are on the right path. It is a sign they approve of the energetic, frequency shifts and soul growth you have been dedicating effort towards. Your intentions and actions have been noticed and acknowledged by the angelic realms.

117 is a message to continue deepening your spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation, lightwork, energy healing or whatever resonates. Don’t stop until your intuitive gifts are finely tuned and you are centered in higher awareness. This is a time of divine soul evolution. 

Doreen emphasizes that 117 reflects you are entering a new phase of insight, creativity and inspiration in your spiritual journey. Pay close attention to repetitive thoughts, visions, signs and synchronicities. This is your angels communicating and revealing your next steps on the path.

Most significantly, 117 angel number is confirmation that powerful ascension is occurring. You are awakening to your higher self and soul gifts. Doreen reassures you that seeing 117 is a bright sign you are on the threshold of profound transformation and emergence of your divine potential. Your angels are present, guiding this process. Trust their messages.

117 Angel Number – Numerology Meaning

In numerology, angel number 117 contains a double dose of the master number 11’s potent frequency. This amplifies the significance and power of the messages 117 conveys. Let us break down the components:

The number 1 relates to new beginnings, fresh starts and opportunities. It carries the vibration of ambition, positivity and manifestation. When 1 appears, it signals a time of initiating change and boldly charting a new course aligned with your passions. 

The 7 is the number of spirituality, inner wisdom, mysticism and intuition. It reflects turning within, going beneath surface appearances to understand the hidden meanings at play. 7 energy enhances our intuition, discernment and connection to the Divine.

Put together, 117 signals a time of merging new beginnings with spiritual awareness. We are called to walk a mystical path of divine connection as we sow seeds of change in our lives. Intuition will guide us to take inspired action aligned with soul purpose during this auspicious window.

On an even deeper level, 117 contains the master number 11 doubled, exponentially amplifying its vibration. Master number 11 is the most intuitive and spiritually charged of all numbers. It facilitates awareness of the invisible realms and our ability to draw divine light into physical form through inspired thought and action. With Angel number 117 the angels notify us that we have entered a time of profound awakening, heightening of our metaphysical senses and ability to create miraculous transformation within all facets of our lives. We are entering the new through the mystical gate of 117.

What to do when you keep seeing 117 Angel Number?

– When 117 appears frequently, tune in and ask yourself what messages are emerging from within. Pay attention to intuitive hits, sudden insights and repetitive thoughts. These are transmissions from your angels.

– Increase spiritual practices like meditation, prayer, energy work and time in nature to align with 117’s angel number higher vibrational energies.

– Express gratitude for the spiritual growth, enlightenment and divine support 117 represents.

– Call upon Archangel Michael and your spirit guides for inner strength, courage and guidance to walk your soul’s path with confidence.

– Release fears, doubts or perceived obstacles holding you back.

– Let go of lower vibrational energies of lack, worry and limiting beliefs. Allow faith and optimism to lead you forward.

– Be open to new directions, opportunities and auspicious change aligned with your purpose.

– Know that your angels are with you orchestrating blessings behind the scenes. Trust in divine timing.

– Stay alert to signs, synchronicities and openings indicating next steps on your path.

Overall, when you keep seeing 117 angel number , recognize it as encouragement from the angels that you are on the right path. This powerful sequence validates your spiritual progress and growth. Have faith that incredible opportunities and blessings are unfolding. Align with 117’s higher vibration and continue forwarding in full trust. Exciting transformation lies ahead!


In conclusion, angel number 117 is a highly significant sequence indicating a spiritual awakening and profound transformation is imminent in our lives. It signals that we are crossing an auspicious threshold into light ascension, heightened intuition and greater alignment with our soul purpose. 

The recurring appearance of 117 angel number validates that our angels are reaching out and encouraging us to have faith in their divine assistance and guidance during this accelerated time of change. Seeing 117 is a reminder to stay receptive to repetitive thoughts, signs and synchronicities containing direction from the heavens. 

Angel number 117 marks a powerful, destiny-driven time of new beginnings and openings that will reshape our lives with greater blessings, joy and abundance. This profound number sequence carries the radiant vibration of the twin master numbers 11 and 7. Together they form a mystical gateway for us to walk through with trust, allowing our highest potentials to unfold one synchronistic step at a time.

When angel number 117 comes repeatedly into our awareness, it is a reminder from the angels that we are exactly where we need to be on our spiritual paths. Our dedication has been noticed and admired in the unseen realms. We are being called to shed old layers while embodying greater spiritual light. Exciting developments are happening behind the scenes as divine forces align to help manifest our greatest good. 117 angel number signals a time of hope, optimism and celebration of the incredible soul transformation unfolding within our lives.

Frequently Asked Questions About Angel Number 117

What does it mean when you see 117?

117 angel number is a message from your angels that you are on the brink of powerful spiritual growth, awakening and life transformation. Something divinely guided is unfolding. 

Is 117 a twin flame number?

Yes, for twin flames 117 angel number is a highly significant sign of impending reunion. It signals divine counterparts awakening and moving closer together energetically and physically.

What does 117 mean in love?

Seeing 117 angel number in your love life indicates new romance blossoming, connections with soulmates and an influx of passion and tenderness in existing relationships.

How do I decode the meaning of 117?

117 contains master number 11 twice, amplifying its intuitive spiritual energies. The 1 signals new beginnings, and the 7 relates to spirituality and inner wisdom. Together they signify a time of mystical development, intuition and fresh starts in your soul mission.

Is 117 a lucky number?

Yes! In numerology 117 is considered very fortuitous. It indicates luck, synchronicity and beneficial new opportunities aligned with your life purpose are on the way.

Do angel numbers really mean anything?

Yes, angel numbers carry divine guidance, validation and reassurance from the spiritual realms about the path ahead. They are specific to the receiver and their soul growth.

Is 117 a sign?

Yes. 117 is an angel number, which is a sign from the divine and ascended masters encouraging you, validating you, and providing cosmic insights into your life path.

What should I do when I see 117?

Tune in to any intuitive hits or guidance from your angels. Express gratitude for their presence. Increase spiritual practices to align your vibration with this powerful ascension number.

Why am I seeing 117 lately?

You are likely on the verge of an accelerated period of soul growth, awakening, and manifestation of your desires into physical form. Something divinely guided is aligning powerfully for you!

Does 117 mean change?

Yes! Angel number 117 signals powerful change, transformation and new beginnings rapidly manifesting in your life according to divine timing and will. Exciting developments ahead!

In Summary

Angel number 117 is a sign of spiritual growth and awakening. Seeing this number sequence frequently means you are on the brink of profound life transformations guided by the divine. Its appearance validates you are on the right path and encourages you to have faith in blossoming new beginnings and opportunities aligned with your soul truth. Angel number 117 combines the intuitive vibration of the number 7 with the fresh starts of number 1, doubled for amplified significance. Together they signal a time of heightened intuition, luck, and manifestation of desires. Embrace this period of accelerated enlightenment and positive change. The angels are with you!